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 +====== Build Numbers ======
 +Every time Cucumber Linux is [[:​cucumber_linux_from_scratch|rebuilt from scratch]], a new system build number (called sysbuild number) is assigned to that build. This is done due to the fact that each new build has the potential to break ABI compatibility. Using these build numbers makes it easy to keep track which ABI revision a system is on.
 +Build numbers are created in the format XXYYY, where XX is the last two digits of the current year (i.e. 18) and YYY is a serial number, assigned sequentially,​ that is unique amongst all builds in that year.
 +====== Build Number List ======
 +To date, here is a complete list of every build number:
 +^ Build Number ​ ^ Date       ^ Built From* ^ Became ​         ^ Announcement ^ Noteable Details ^
 +| 18001         | 2018-07-08 | master ​     |                 | [[https://​​p/​cucumber-linux/​mailman/​message/​36366662/​]] | First build of the Cucumber Linux 2.0 development cycle. |
 +| 18002         | 2018-11-17 | master ​     | 2.0.alpha.1 ​    | [[https://​​p/​cucumber-linux/​mailman/​message/​36470278/​]] | Ported Xorg and various daemons over to the new ports tree. |
 +* This is the Git branch that this build was built from. See [[https://​​cucumberlinux/​ports]].