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 +This is the development to do list for Cucumber Linux. If no developer is listed for a task or the task's status is 'HELP WANTED',​ that means we are looking for a developer to do that task. If you are interested in doing one of these tasks, please follow the instructions on the [[http://​​contact.php|Contact Page]] to get in touch with us.
 +====== How to Read These Tables ======
 +Here is a brief guide on how to read the tables below:
 +  * Description:​ A description of what needs to be done.
 +  * Status: The current status of this task. If it is 'HELP WANTED',​ that means we are seeking developers to help with it.
 +  * Slated for: This is the version of Cucumber Linux that we are aiming to have this task completed for. Major changes must be slated for a major release, while changes in major or minor package versions must be slated for a minor or major release. Most other tasks can be slated for any version of Cucumber Linux (including versions that have already been released).
 +  * Developer(s):​ the developer(s) that have been assigned to this task.
 +====== General To Do List ======
 +**The items pertaining to Cucumber Linux 2.0 have been moved to [[devdocs:​2_0_roadmap|Cucumber Linux 2.0 Roadmap]].** There are many more tasks, many of which are 'HELP WANTED'​ there.
 +This is the to do list for general changes to the distribution,​ such as adding or removing a package.
 +^ Description ​                          ^ Status ​             ^ Slated for           ^ Developer(s) ​          ^
 +| Add an automatic update checker (see https://​​p/​cucumber-linux/​mailman/​message/​36312811/​) | HELP WANTED | Eventually | Scott Court |
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