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Roadmap for the Cucumber Linux 1.1 Release

Here are some key events that will be happening in the near future with approximate dates. Note that we don't like force any releases or milestones to happen before we're ready, so these dates are just approximate and may be subject to some change:

  • November 6
    • Cucumber Linux 1.1 is in the Alpha stage.
    • Cucumber Linux 2.0 is a vague thought somewhere that we won't worry about too much right now.
  • November 15
    • Cucumber 1.1 moves to the Beta stage and receives a feature freeze, meaning that no new packages will be accepted into the repository for the Cucumber 1.1 release after this date.
    • Serious debugging begins on Cucumber Linux 1.1.
    • Cucumber Linux 1.1 Beta 1 released.
  • November 30
    • PHP 7.2 will be officially released (currently we are using the 7.2 Release Candidate). This will enable us to upgrade to PHP 7.2 stable on Cucumber 1.1. This will be the last package we have to wait for a stable release for Cucumber 1.1. After this, all the packages which needed upgrading for Cucumber 1.1 will have been upgraded, putting us much closer to a stable release (which leads itself nicely to the next bullet):
    • Cucumber Linux 1.1 Beta 2 released.
  • March 4, 2018
    • Cucumber Linux 1.1 Release Candidate 1 released. This version will have the potential to become the official Cucumber Linux 1.1 release if no critical bugs are found in it.
  • March 12, 2018
    • Cucumber Linux 1.1 Released (if no bugs are found in RC 1, otherwise this will be RC 2 released)

All dates are in 2017 unless stated otherwise.

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